What is SalesMaple?

SalesMaple is a platform that salespeople fall in love with. SalesMaple is going to make keeping track of your opportunities a breeze, building forecasts a thing of the past, and show you insights about what makes you a successful salesperson that you never knew before.

How? Through application of deep statistics on your sales history, SalesMaple builds a model of how you sell. This sales model is tailored to you as a salesperson: not your sales team, not how your sales manager says you should sell, but how you have successfully sold in the past. SalesMaple applies the model to your active pipeline, showing how active opportunities look in comparison to historically won deals.

You know that intuition you get when you start working on an opportunity and it reminds you of a past successful sale? “This opportunity is just like the one that I closed six months ago. My contact is responsive, we’ve had a number of great phone calls, and the opportunity is moving through the sales stages quickly.” SalesMaple is that intuition boiled down to a hard science, so you can see specifically which opportunities are most like historical sales, and maybe even more important, which opportunities need just a little push to get them to close.

How does it work? SalesMaple is a statistical analysis platform that uses your sales activity from your CRM and dynamically builds your sales model and your sales pipeline. It calculates the average duration of each stage, along with the typical age and win percentage of each opportunity as it move through your pipeline. SalesMaple looks for when opportunities match your model, along with when opportunities are lagging behind, color coding and alerting you to different opportunities. Further, SalesMaple takes the changes you make to an opportunity throughout it’s lifecycle and builds a history of that opportunity, identifying positive and negative actions that have happened to the opportunity, which help you identify how likely the opportunity is to close.

With a foundation of statistics, tedious and time consuming tasks like sales forecasting are a thing of the past. SalesMaple continuously calculates a close date for your opportunities as they move through your pipeline, which enables you to generate a quarter/year forecast instantly. Further, SalesMaple highlights opportunities that are estimated to close soon after the end of your forecast, a great place to look for an extra sale.

  • By SalesMaple
  • 3/2/2015
  • Sales, Statistics, Predictive