SalesMaple Announces New Class of Sales Intelligence Service

SalesMaple, Inc. is pleased to announce the SalesMaple Statistical Analysis and Prediction Platform, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) dynamic Sales Intelligence (SI) platform. The service is released today and ready to accept customers.

SalesMaple, Inc., founded in 2015 by Steve Thomas, formerly the founder of PwnedList (acquired by InfoArmor, Inc. in 2013), has been built from the ground up to provide dynamic sales analysis and prediction modeling on a per sales person basis.

SalesMaple saw the need to provide a simple to use, dynamic analysis and prediction platform, as opposed to the hard to implement and static analysis heavy Sales Intelligence tools that are common place today.

SalesMaple was born out of a lot of the challenges that we had with PwnedList, specifically, being able to understand what actions impacted sales opportunities, accurately predict new sales, and figure out if new sales strategies were having a positive effect on the sales process.

Steve Thomas SalesMaple CEO

About SalesMaple:

SalesMaple is a Software-as-a-Service Sales Intelligence company that has implemented the latest in sales analysis research for businesses. By focusing on dynamic per sales person analysis, SalesMaple is able to offer insights into sales teams and how sales people sell that have to date been unavailable. SalesMaple relies on a team of sales and analysis professionals with decades of experience working in statistical analysis, prediction, and modeling.

  • By SalesMaple
  • 3/20/2015
  • Press Release