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Advanced Prediction Models

SalesMaple builds a customized sales prediction model for each salesperson based on how they sell.

Latest Modeling Technology

Models are built using multivariate regression analysis, standard deviation analysis, and population analysis. The latest techniques from sales research.

Always Up-To-Date

Models are continuously updated as new relevant sales data becomes available. Have confidence that your predictions are based on the latest and most accurate sales data.

Continuously Calculated Predictions

Models are continuously applied to up-to-date sales data. Instantly see how your activity impacts your forecast.

Continuous Aggregated Forecasts

Forecasts are continuously generated for each salesperson, aggregated for each sales manager. Have the confidence that each opportunity is tailored to each salesperson's model, without having to piece together a team view.

Integrate Human Intelligence

Forecasts allow for easy modification, changing the expectations of close dates and win percentages based on human expertise. Let statistics get you most of the way there, then perfect the forecast.